Monday, August 01, 2011

propaganda on Syria

The propaganda for and against the Syrian regime intensifies at a feverish pitch.  Syrian regime TV is an insult to anyone's intelligence.  You watch the news and think that Syrian regime is fighting Israel, and not its own civilian population.  They list casualties among the "regime/order preserving forces", but not the civilians unless they talk about "the criminal gang" that roams the country and shoots at people and Syrian regime forces alike.  AlJazeera continues its propaganda that ignores news: it is now the YouTube channel.  It merely reproduces YouTube clips from the internet.  I also notice that it keeps increasing the estimate of the Hamah massacres week after week: Amnesty International and Syrian Muslim Brothers used to rely on the estimate of 10,000, although it could be more.  Yesterday, Aljazeera increased the estimate to 38,000 (in the previous version of this article, it talked about an "official estimate" of more than 10,000.  That is a lie because the lousy Syrian regime never ever gave any estimate of the massacre and its never ever talks about the massacre.  See my problem with Aljazeera: it is not about politics, it is about unreliability, unprofessionalism, and fabrications, exaggerations, and lies.  It has made it easy for supporters of the Syrian regime to discredit it.  New TV, on the other hand, clearly has resolved to support the Syrian bloody campaign of yesterday.  Instead of covering the stories of the victims of the regime, it showed (YouTube again) images of unknown people tossing unidentified dead bodies in the water and said they were protesters tossing bodies of soldiers of the Syrian army.   Hariri media initially ignored the protests of Syria (in the first few weeks, only As-Safir and Al-Akhbar covered extensively the protests in Syria): they were clearly waiting for orders from Saudi Arabia.  Once the orders from Riyadh came, they went all out against the regime like Saudi media.  Yesterday, mini-Hariri spoke about the right of the Syrian people to "decide on its own choices freely and in the framework of its human rights".  Mini-Hariri was not asked if he supported such rights in Saudi Arabia.