Wednesday, March 16, 2011

updates from Bahrain

One of my sources who shall also remain anonymous sent me this:  "The country is a mess right now. Here's a classic case of adding insult to injury -- literally: the official state channel on Twitter just now: bna_ar وكالة أنباء البحرين 
بدء العد التنازلي لانطلاقة كأس الملك المفدى للخيل يوم الجمعة المقبل 
"countdown to king's championship for horse racing"
They're also playing "patriotic" music on TV. Police and army are celebrating a victory (see). It's immoral. Our blood is a joke to them.
Here are some more links. The most recent ones I collected are at the bottom. Please don't cite my name.

Saudi withdraws Reuters license:

police purportedly firing live rounds at civilians in Sitra 15/3/11

FIDH denounces military intervention as “blatant occupation”, fears further crackdown

Bahrain imposes a state of emergency:

Foreign Troops Suppress Demonstrations in Bahrain; US claims it has been “caught off guard” by the invasion

Al Jazeera English: “Brutal attack” alleged in Bahrain; doctors complain from the violence, sleep in hospital to treat patients 15/3/11

Al Jazeera English: protester shot in chest 13/3/11

Video of protester shot in the head (extremely graphic)

Further evidence of the police collaborating with pro-government thugs who attacked the University 14/3/11

Amnesty International condemns Bahraini-Saudi crackdown 15/3/11

Police car attempts to run protesters over

15/3/11 Expats killed by government thugs. This video was first posted by anti-government protesters online and the Iranian Alalam TV, but was then used by Bahrain’s state television BTV to blame the protesters for killing them. The people, who speak in Shi’a dialect and are clearly horrified by the sight of the bodies, can be heard in the background claiming that a “black American” is responsible for this. Another says “these are poor Bangladeshis, they’re innocent!”. Towards the end, a third voice, who appears to be an eye-witness, says thugs in an “American jeep” did it.

HRW: thugs hijacked ambulances, paramedics beaten

An ambulance with bullet holes on the side 15/3/11

A protester being executed by live police rounds in Sitra 15/3/11

Burning tents in peal roundabout as the police and army cracks down 16/3/11

denying ambulances from coming into Salmaniya 16/3/11

Bahrain Financial Harbor 16/3/11

Picture of helicopter with machine gun 16/3/11

A number of helicopters in Bahrain’s sky 16/3/11

Police attacking medical personnel  16/3/11

army and police celebrating “victory” 16/3/11

Thugs attack Bahrain International Hospital 16/3/11

Army bus by Salmaniya hospital 16/3/11

Another photo of pearl roundabout on 16/3/11 morning