Saturday, March 12, 2011

Military Intervention in Libya: for a categorical rejection of NATO/Saudi intervention

The voices for military intervention in Libya are now increasingly alarming and suspicious.  I get more suspicious when I read the liberal (read always Zionist) commentators screaming for direct military intervention when those same people never showed any concern for Arab victims before, especially during Israeli war crimes sprees.  Somebody sent me a tweet by none other than Nicholas Kristof (responsible for outrageous and racist commentaries about Arabs in the last year and is known for his utter cowardice towards ALL Israeli crimes against Arabs) who is invoking the authority of "the Arab League" to call for military intervention.  In other words, Kristof and other liberals or right-wingers are invoking basically the authority of Saudi autocracy to call for support of the democracy movement in Libya.  What is left of the Arab League except Saudi Arabia and its tool Amr Mousa?  George Will, a right-wing and Zionist commentator (who at least writes well and can make an argument) has a strong piece in which he refuges many of the conventional arguments about Libya (Will, of course, is as guilty as Kristof when it comes to Israeli war crimes and silence toward them or support for them).  The priority of the opposition movement in Libya is to get rid of that Mustafa Abd-Al-Jalil (the head of the transitional council which is comprised of several Qadhdhafi loyalists, like him).  They lead an Islamist tendency in the opposition movement which stands opposed to the more secular and radical trend represented by the professional association of the lawyers for example, and which--unlike Abdul-Al-Jalil refuses the secret messaging with the Qadhdhafi junta.  I think that it would be best for the democracies of Tunisia and Egypt to provide bases for the support of the Libyan opposition and for the establishment of volunteer bases for Arab people (especially those who are militarily trained) who wish to aid the rebellion against the Qadhdhafi tyranny.  I don't trust the Tunisian or the Egyptian military because they are not the product of popular people's will, and are led in both cases by appointees of tyrants, but they can help if they wish.    Mustafa Abd-al-Jalil is a potential messenger for Wahhabi tyranny who can foil the democratization of Libya.  He has become famous for double talk and for dishonesty.  Fortunately, the council is very fragmented but is also infiltrated by Qadhdhafi's henchmen.  Kristof and John Kerry should know that Arabs are qualified to chart their own history and that neither of them is qualified for a second to lecture or preach about Arab welfare when both are notorious for history of endorsing and/or silence toward Israeli war crimes.