Thursday, December 31, 2009

Al-Qa`idah terrorism: Israel's dirty hands, and the dirty hands of Arab intelligence services

Will we know one day that Al-Qa`idah terrorist structure was infiltrated by Mossad and Arab intelligence services? Well, we know already about the roles of Saudi intelligence and Pakistan's ISI in the founding and operation of Al-Qa`idah, at least up to Sep. 11. I was thinking about that the other day. Before Al-Qa`idah, the most famous and most sinister terrorist organization in the news was Abu Nidal's organization. And we know fully well not only that the lousy organization was infiltrated by Iraq and Libya's intelligence services, but that the Mossad and Jordan's intelligence services infiltrated all levels of the organization. Hell, former Jordan's mukhabarat chief, Sa`d Khayr (who recently died from a heart attack at 56 in his hotel room in Vienna) almost ran the Abu Nidal organization in its later years. So some conspiracy theories can shed light into events and political developments.