Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jimmy Carter in Lebanon: Take II

Jimmy Carter continues his visit in Lebanon. He met with the Speaker of Parliament and discussed Carter's unsolicited offer to "monitor" the Lebanese parliamentary election. Birri told the press afterward that the US needs monitoring. Salim Al-Huss was right in that the monitoring will not monitor the external funds raining on Lebanon in the election season, especially the corrupt Hariri money. But Carter discovered the justice of the Palestinian cause as he appraches his eightieth birthday. American politicians often discover the justice of the Palestinian cause when they become political useless and personally irrelevent. Maybe now the governor of Illinois will discover the justice of the Palestinian causes in his jail cell. Carter also said that it was a mistake to ignore the Palestinians in the Camp David accords. He said maybe the accords should have been signed at a later time. Carter: go to sleep NOW.