Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Angelina Jolie of Arabia. Nir Rosen sent me this, and insisted that I post: "when angelie jolie visited iraq as a representative of UNHCR in 2007 she also visited the al walid camp on the iraqi side of the border with syria. over one thousand palestinians who had lived in baghdad have fled there for protection from shiite militias. jolie received a call from american democratic senator kennedy telling her not to use the word 'palestinian' though. so she told UNHCR that they cant use it in their press about the subject. so the palestinians were referred to as iraqis instead. international officials were surprised that even the word 'palestinian' is taboo. UNHCR is very discouraged with her toting the american party line. in the 2007 trip she surprised the UNHCR officials, telling them that she wanted to visit the american soldiers. they were against this because she was there as an official UNHCR representative, and tried to explain to her how it would also endanger their staff in iraq by blurring the line between the UN and the american military. the international committee for the red cross was also upset, because as it is the line between humanitarian aid and the american occupation and military is blurred in iraq. her most recent trip to iraq was not even an official UNHCR trip. UNHCR was not aware that she was invited to baghdad and it was very embarrassing for them."