Thursday, February 03, 2005

I have looked at the preliminary results of the Iraqi elections. Something is fishy, I think, although I have no evidence. My suspicions have been heightened. First, last Sunday, it was said that the results would be ready in a week or 10 days. Today, I heard that they will be ready in a week or 10 days. Also, in the exile community of Iraqis, where you would think most secular Iraqis are found and where the US occupation and its puppets insisted on opening up polling stations, and where the US and its puppets had thought the puppets would do well, the Allawi list got something like 4% (in US, I think) or 5 % in other Western countries, etc. Of course, the Sistani list (the Ayatollah that the US war will unwittingly install in power) won decisively in most areas outside of the Kurdish areas. And the Allawi list came in second (or distant second in some cases). But the discrepancy between the exile vote and the vote in Iraq casts doubts, I think.