Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bahrain update

From Angry Arab chief correspondent in Bahrain:  "The Formula 1 race begins in 3 days. In preparation the regime is raiding houses in various areas and has arrested 100s. The funny thing about F1 is that the debate centered on whether it is safe for the racers and fans to go to bahrain. No one seems to care about the safety of ordinary Bahrainis. As we can see the regime is stepping up its crackdown days before the race and throwing everyone in jail to ensure that there are no protests when the race begins. I'm pretty sure that the villages will be under military lock down pretty soon. All this so that f1 fans can have some fun and racers can drive fast around a track. Also to those who accuse the protesters of politicizing the race - the regime politicized it when it keeps using the race as an indicator that all is well in Bahrain and decided to use UniF1ed as their slogan."