Thursday, October 06, 2011

WINEP: desperate for the token Arab

1) Winep is remarketing itself as Washington Institute.  Yes, that is very smart: it is supposed to make us not notice that it is an arm of the Zionist lobby.  2) The place is so desperate for token Arabs that they now bring Mubarak's stooges and propagandists from Al-Ahram Center and present them as advocates of the Egyptian "revolution".  Even Sadat's propagandist, Tahsin Bashir told me in 1994 that Martin Indyk offered him to write his own salary to join the Institute but that he adamantly refused because he knew they needed a token Arab to confer bogus legitimacy on their gun Zionism.  3) Notice that an ambitious career officer in the Foreign Service now needs to cozy up to WINEP to rise in the State Department.  That was what Feltman did when he returned from his stint in Beirut (where he reported on the sex lives of politicians in Lebanon), and that is what Amb Ford is doing now: he is going to speak about Syrian democracy at the Institute.  It is not clear if he will call on the ICC to prosecute those who pelted him with tomatoes in Damascus as criminals against humanity.