Wednesday, October 05, 2011

This is how the website of Al-Arabiyya reported on the clashes in Saudi Arabia

A. kindly translated this piece from the website of the news station of King Fahd's brother-in-law.  He noted that the original article in Arabic referred at one point to a citizen and two women, thereby implying that women are not citizens.  "A responsible source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior has declared that “At nine o’clock yesterday evening, a group of turbulence inspirers, imposters, and rioters in the village of ‘awwamiyah in the county of Qatif have gathered near the Reef Roundabout in ‘awwamiyah, and some of them used motorcycles while carrying Molotov bombs, by which they prompted their direct violation of security and at the behest of a foreign state that strives to hinder the security of the country and its stability what is considered a clear intervention in the state sovereignty”.
And he continued, “They were followed by the weak souls with the expectation that their actions will pass without a decisive stance towards who submits his will to the instructions and the commands of the foreign sources that strives to extend its control outside its narrow circle, and those must determine clearly whether their loyalty is for Allah then to their country, or to that state and its clergy”.
The spokes also explained that the rented-imposters were dealt with by the security forces at site, and after having separated them, gunfire irrupted using machine-guns at the direction of the security men from one of the neighbourhoods near the site, what resulted in 11 injuries amongst the security forces, 9 of which were due to gun-shots and two were due to Molotov bomb, and one citizen injury and two women injuries due to gun-shots in the nearby buildings, eventually admitting everyone to the hospital.
Iran and Hezbullah flags
Jasir Al-Jasir, a political writer to Alarabiya, said: “What happened in Al’awwamiyah yesterday was not a riot or a protest or a gathering, in fact it was a voulantary imposter action signed by the weapons and the raised flags of Iran and Hezbullah in addition to pictures of Iranian clerics”.
He added: “Surely it is a pure Iranian attempt to create chaos and incite the citizens after the setbacks that Iran received in its expansionist plans whether in Bahrain or what happens in Syria now”.
He concluded saying: “The statement has put a segregating line demanding the participants in these actions to determine their loyalty, either to the country or to Iran, so they would be dealt with according to this view”.
Clear Iranian Intervention
Furthermore, Dr Ali Alkhushayban, the writer in the Saudi alriyadh newspaper, said to “”: “What happened in al’awwamiyah is considered a clear intervention by Iran in the Saudi interior affairs, and it always strives to inspire turbulence with its policies, and it appears that the Iranian promises of pacification with the Gulf are false promises, and it always insist on antagonizing the peaceful gulf states which never resulted at any day in any internal problem in Iran, but Tehran was always the provoker of turbulence at the aim of shaking the stability of the region”.
He added: “Hezbullah and the other arms of the Iranian Intelligence are working to achieve their wishes to defeat Saudi Arabia, and their detestation has increased after the failure of every attempt to incite the Saudi people”.
He confirmed that “What a minor fraction did does not represent the Shia sector in Saudi Arabia, in fact it represents specific persons who have sold their minds and their consciousness to the greedy neighbour, and the statement of the [Ministry of] Interior has given them the option between loyalty to the country or the loyalty to who claims falsely and deceitfully that he protects the Shia sector”.
He concluded by saying: “Those must know that the kingdom has never attacked anyone in any day and has never confiscated the opinion and has never practiced the oppression that Iran and the totalitarian states have been famous for. They must commit to citizenship and not raise flags and slogans that do not represent them and are not satisfactory to the Saudi people”.
Imposter Actions
As been told to “” by Dr Ahmad Alfraj, the academic and writer in aljazeera Saudi newspaper: “These actions that were conducted by some radicals, who move according to orders from Iranian clerics desire evil to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, are not new, and everyone remembers the imposter actions that the Pilgrimage witenessed in more than one instance with the aim of inspiring disquiet. And everyone knows the Iranian support to terrorist organizations and the conductance of elements of intelligence in terrorist actions on Saudi grounds. What happened in Al’awwamiyah was a continuation to the aggressive behavior and an uncovering of the truth of the state of revolution in Tehran”.
He added: “What worries Iran the most is the stability of the kingdom and the love of the population to its leadership, as it tries to invest in any internal case to elicit the emotions and promote turbulence, and playing the sectarian string, but Saudis are more aware than proposals of discovered sources and aims”.
Alfraj confirmed that the state never dealt with insolence or cruelty with any person and that the statement clarifies that those [imposters] tried to instigate the security forces and attack them to get the response of the security forces defending themselves and using this in the new media to show that they are discriminated. But this trick will not work as the Saudi security device is strong is able to protect the lives and properties and will not be dragged to what the imposters want, and as the Saudi population will face any aggressor on the national unity with great decisiveness."