Friday, October 07, 2011

Ahmad Chalabi: humiliated in Beirut

So a group, most probably close to Hizbullah in Lebanon from what I heard, decided to hold a one day conference on repression in Bahrain.  Many progressives were in attendance, including former prime minister Salim Huss.  The event was being carried live by Al-Manar TV (which confirms that Hizbullah had a role in the event).  And then, a panel started and there appeared at the podium none other than Ahmad Chalabi.  Chalabi started to talk and blasted foreign powers and foreign occupation.  An Egyptian in the audience started yelling at him: others joined in telling him that he was brought in to Iraq in US tanks.  There was chaos and uproar in the room.  People started leaving saying that they did not know that Chalabi was a guest--Salim Huss also left the room.  People were chanting against Chalabi and against foreign occupation.  Chalabi--thuggish himself--started chanting from the podium: Down with ignorance.  Down with the ignorant.  Down with agents of Saddam.  Here is a view.